As we enter a third March Break with COVID at our heels, there’s occasion to bring smiles and happiness to everyone we can. That’s why we are offering our clients and their families a fun and unique animal therapy experience on March 18th and 19th from 9:00am to 5:00pm at our dealership!
This is a perfect opportunity for families looking to get outside and enjoy local events with their kiddos again. Walk an alpaca, pony, mini donkey or other friendly farm critter’s on a safe pathway set up right in our parking lot!
Critter Visits will be providing staff members and a selection of their walking friends to allow guests to take a lap or two walking an animal of their choice around our parking lot on a leash. Staff will be on hand to assist families and children, as well as help with photos and selfies before and after. Inside, guests will be able to view baby critters such as little chicks and baby ducklings in a secure display.
For a $10 donation per person, you can enjoy this animal therapy experience that’s fun for the whole family. All are welcome. Pick your date in advance or you can donate upon arrival.
Click here to book your tickets!
We look forward to seeing you!



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