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Sensing Suite


This system helps drivers avoid collisions and minimize impact by applying braking when its forward-facing camera and radar transmitter sense that a collision may be imminent.

Using a camera, RDM is designed to warn drivers about to cross over lane markings, even applying steering or braking if necessary to help your vehicle stay on the road.

The system maintains an appropriate distance with the vehicle ahead, reducing burden on the driver, especially effective while driving on congested highways. The millimeter-way radar and monocular camera detect the distance and speed gap from the vehicle ahead, and controls acceleration and braking to maintain an appropriate distance. The system operates from standstill to high-speed driving.

This technology helps keep you centered, gently steering your vehicle back to the centre of a lane if you start to drift.

The system displays traffic sign information to assist safe driving. The monocular camera recognizes traffic signs, and displays the information on the Multi-Information Display or Heads-Up Display System. The driver is notified of information vital to urban driving such as the speed limit, no overtaking, stop and no entry signs.

Learn about a few additional Honda Sensing features designed to help you be a better driver.

With Honda LaneWatch, any time you signal right, the camera on the passenger-side mirror will turn on and display live video on your Display Audio Touch-Screen, revealing nearly four times more than the average passenger-side mirror.

When your turn signal is on and a vehicle is detected in an adjacent lane, the indicator blinks and a beep sounds until the area is clear or the turn signal is off.

When in reverse with the Multi-Angle Rearview Camera in any viewing mode, the driver is alerted to a detected vehicle approaching from the side with a series of beeps and indicators shown on the camera's display.

When you are driving at night above 40km/h and the headlight lever is in the low-beam position with the switch rotated to AUTO, the system intuitively changes between low and high beams depending on surrounding conditions.