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Whether it’s a daylight savings change, a different time zone, or just making an adjustment, you have found yourself tasked with changing the clock on your Subaru vehicle. Luckily Subaru makes it easy to make these changes and we’ll walk you through the process so you can change the clock with ease or even set the time to update automatically!


For the purpose of this walkthrough we are focusing on a 2020 Subaru Crosstrek. The same process is applicable for the following models:


2017 and newer Impreza
2018 and newer Crosstrek
2019 and newer Ascent
2019 and newer Forester
Features may vary between models and trims, if you require further assistance please contact us or consult your owners manual.


How To Set Clock to Automatic Mode



Subaru vehicles now offer an automatic time and date option so that the clock will update automatically via Bluetooth and your connected smartphone. To turn this feature on follow these step-by-step instructions.


1.Turn your vehicle on

2. Ensure your smartphone is connected to your Subaru via Bluetooth.

3. Press the Home button on the infotainment system

4. Press Settings

5. Select the “Vehicle” tab at the bottom



6. Select “Time/Date”

7. Select “Mode”

8. Click on “Auto”

9. Exit out of that menu


Your Subaru will now be set to automatically match the time and date on your connected smartphone.


How to Set Clock to Manual Mode



If you prefer to adjust the time and date yourself or you do not have a connected smartphone you can do so by putting the vehicle’s time and date setting to manual mode. To do this and to adjust the time follow these step by step instructions


1. Turn on vehicle

2. Press the Home button on the infotainment system

3. Press Settings

4. Select the “Vehicle” tab at the bottom

5. Select “Time/Date”

6. Select “Mode”

7. Click on “Manual”

8. Change the clock to the correct time on the infotainment screen. Trims with the black and white LCD screen above the infotainment have physical buttons to change the time.

9. Once the desired time has been set hit the green check mark in the upper right corner to exit out of the menu.


For a video walkthrough of both processes and to change your clock to 24 hour format click the link below.


How to Set the Clock in Your Subaru Vehicle


That’s it! You have now successfully changed the clock on your Subaru. If you’re still having trouble our team is here to help and we can be reached at 705-876-6591. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more tips and tricks!

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