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OEM Subaru Winter Accessories

OEM Subaru Winter Accessories

OEM Subaru Winter Accessories


At Peterborough Subaru, we are always available to help you explore the latest models from the Subaru lineup and the available accessories you can equip on your new Subaru. We have numerous services to assist you as you shop, purchase, and maintain a new Subaru, providing complete ownership support.


Ski/Snowboard Carrier


You can bring your skis or snowboards anywhere with a Subaru equipped with an OEM carrier, providing direct fitment to your OEM Subaru roof rack while also securely holding your equipment.


Rubber Floor Mats


Snow and salt can damage the interior carpet of your Subaru during winter, making it a good idea to purchase rubber floor mats. OEM floor mats are molded to fit your Subaru's interior perfectly, leaving no gaps for salt and water to get onto your carpet.


Rear Seat Back Protector


As you pack your Subaru with tires during swaps or larger equipment during your adventures, you should get a rear seat back protector to keep the back of the seats clean.


Block Heater


An engine block heater can sometimes be a must-have accessory, especially if you park your Subaru outside in cold temperatures. The block heater will warm up the engine oil and block, ensuring a smooth start-up during cold mornings.


Remote Engine Starter Kit


One of the best accessories to opt for on your Subaru during winter is a remote engine starter, allowing you to warm up the engine to be ready for your adventures once you enter the cabin. Also, you can warm the cabin to your desired temperature, giving you a more comfortable driving experience.


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